How To Remove ?M=1 From Blogger Post Url(Super Easy)

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If you are using blogspot to run your blogging business, you will notice that whenver you share this post to either social media or anywhere, you will see ?M=1 and do you know that it is possible to remove it? Oh yes it is.

I have notice of recent that the ?M=1 hinder seo and make search engine crawl bot not ro index your post faster.

Deleting that ?m=1 will really help you on your seo journey, it is very advisable to do so.

On wordpress post URL, you won't find such there and it is very clean in nature and if you want your blogger blog url to look exactly like that without the ?m=1 text then this post will be good for you.

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Follow this step to do it yourself. Make sure you read to end so as not to go contrary to what is written here which may damage your blog or after everything it won't work.

1. Login your blogger dashboard

2. On the dahboard locate the theme option

3. Click on it and tap on the dropdown orange button close to the customize button

4. Click on edit html 

5. Scroll down to the bottom till you find </body> tag

6. paste the below javascript code just above the closing body tag </body>

7. Click the save button to save your theme.

You can now check your blogger post url, the text ?m=1 will no longer be there.

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