How To Promote affiliate product(launch jacking method)

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You may have searched for how to promote affiliate product or how to start affiliate marketing thats the reason why you are here.

Well other top affiliate will tell you to promote via social media and so on but in this post i will show you a new method to promote affiliate product.

This method is a multi billion dollar strategy that other affiliate marketers don't know about.

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This method is called the LAUNCH JACKING METHOD


Launch jacking actually is a business model in affiliate marketing where you hijack the launch of any internet marketing(IM) product and turn it to passive income.

To make it literally clear to you, i will explain further.

Whenever a product is created and wants to be launched by the owner, they announce it to his followers.

If for example, he have a following of over 1 million people and  he created a product and then start sending his followers to his sales page of his product, out of that 1 million followers atleast 150,000 will actually buy the product, what now then happen to the remaining 850,000 people is that they are skeptical, they want to know more about the product. 

This will  make them to visit search engines like YouTube or google for reviews about the product and you as a launch jacker, your job is to be the one they will be seeing whenever they search for those reviews either on google or YouTube.

You get the concept of launch jacking right? Which i will show you how to do.

1. Make research of product to be launched

There are lot of websites that announce the launch of any internet marketing(IM) Products.

To make research of high converting product to be launched follow this step.

Head over to

From the homepage you will see a lot of products that will be launched and the ones already launched but hasn't gotten up to a week.

Now scan through this products and choose the one that will be launched in 5 days time, choose products with good sales page, high commision payout and trustworthy affiliate network.

Most of the networks listed on muncheye are majorly from jvzoo, clickbank and warriorplus.

2. Get Your Affiliate Link

To get your affiliate link, click on the product you wish to promote that hasn't been launched, on the next page muncheye will display you other information about the product and the link to the jv page/affiliate page and the link to apply for the product and get your affiliate link.

If you have not joined the affiliate network, simply sign up and request to promote the product.

Like jvzoo and warriorplus, you have to request approval before you can promote any product, unlike clickbank where you don't need to be approved.

3. Make Reviews On This Products

Now you have successfully scan through the available products to be launched and you have already gotten the affiliate link, now make research on that product and write a good review.

It may be making videos on youtube or writing a good blog post but our aim is to rank on google each time someone search for the review of this product.

I will show you how to rank on google each time someone search for this product.

You can only do that in two ways, first is to buy a blog that has a good domain rating and backlinks and write a good review on it and the second is to use top CMS platform like medium and tumblr to write this reviews.

If you don't have any money to spend on buying a blog, simply use the medium and tumblr option, most of the people using launch jacking affiliate marketing strategy don't pay a dime, most of them ranking of google are using medium and tumblr like me.

To write a good review use the template to make your articles engaging and converting.

  • What the product is all about
  • How the product works and what to get
  • The brief history of the owner of the product
  • Your personal experience on the product
  • Pros and Cons of the product
  • Your Honest opinion on the product.
Other information for this template are inside the video below.

While writing, add images and lot of engaging stuff and trust me in few days you will be ranking on google for that product because the competition won't be high.

If writing article is a big deal to you, we have a team of skillful writer. simply contact us by >>>CLICKING HERE<<< to contact us or you can as well make videos for youtube but google works better and faster.

In conclusion, i will advice you to write 5 reviews on every product to be launched every week and trust me in your first month of doing the launch jacking  method, you will be smiling to your hardwork.

 It is kinda stressful to write a lot of articles but you can contact us as i said earlier to help you write your articles at affordable price.

Leave a comment in the comment section if you have any question.


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