How To Get Unlimited Backlinks To Your Blog[2 UNTOLD STRATEGY]

How To Get Unlimited Backlinks To Your Blog[2 UNTOLD STRATEGY]

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You may have searched for HOW TO GET BACKLINKS TO YOUR BLOG or probably you saw my post somewhere else and you picked interest or this is the particular problem you are facing on your blogging career.

Luckily for you, you have come to the right place. Am going to show the best way you can get backlinks to your blog without you having to pass through the stress. 

This particular method am going to show you made me thousand of backlinks on one of my 3months old blog. So you will want to stick around and read this post to the end.

Before we proceed i want you to do two things for me

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With that been said let's dive right in.


Probably, some of you reading this post might have it still get the meaning and concept of backlinks, so let me explain.

Backlinks are links on posts of other websites referring to your website and in most cases it is usually links that are been referred to a particular content on your website or blog.

For example if you CLICK HERE it will take you to My other website, this actually count as backlinks.


You might be ignoring the fact that backlinks are important to the success of your blog, but the real truth is that backlinks are super important in the long term of your blog.

If you are planning to do SEO on your blog to rank on google's first page, then i want to let you know that backing are super important.

Backlinks Also make google see your blog as a blog everyone loves because when other top blogs are referring to your blogs it means that your blog is really a good one.

Backlinks also drive you new followers, whenever someone linking back to your website actually published a post, when his/her reader come across the portion where your link is been attached on the website post, the readers will be pushed to click it and that will bring you new blog followers and make you more money.


  1. Become An Answer Source
  2. Email Outreach


Yeah, this is the main reason for your reading this post, chill and relax am going to show the 2 best strategy i used in getting thousand of  backlinks.

1. Become An Answer Source.

Yeah, that's the first one, and relax i will make it crystal clear to you.

The truth is that, there a lot of top bloggers and journalist out there that are always looking for good answer to questions they want.

Most of this bloggers or journalist are people that have top blogs with higher DA. This bloggers are always looking for good answer to their questions and when you do that, this people will link back to you whenever they want to publish a new post.

You know with this kind of blogs linking back to your blog, it means that your blog domain authority will be high because this website are top website in the industry

There is a website that allows you to be an answer source to this  bloggers or journalist looking to get answers and link back to you. On this platform different questions are asked always and when you provide an amazing answer depending on your blogging niche, then i can assure you that this journalist will link back to you.


First of all, Head over to a website called SOURCEBOTTLE.COM

When you get there, this is how the homepage will look like👇

You can see in the above image where you will ask to be a source and where you will be the journalist is created.

You know we the guys actually looking for the backlinks so we will want to click on the option that says I AM A SOURCE SEEKING PUBLICITY.

Immediately you click on the options that says i am source seeking public, you will be taken to a place where you need to sign up like in the image below👇

I promise you that to sign up on this platform is very easy as you wish it will be, it only take few minute.

So when you are been prompt to the sign up page like in the image below, you will just have to 

Choose a password
fill in first name 
Email address

After filling in the informations above, then you have to pass a very easy verification test to prive you are not a robot and click on submit and booooom!!! you are in.

Immediately you click on submit, you will be prompt to a page asking you to confirn your email address 

Just head over to the email you have used in signing up and check confirmation email, and cinfirm your email address.

After confirmation you will be prompt to a page like in the image below where you will be given an option to edit your personal information.

After editing your personal information, scroll down a little you will be asked to choose the area of interest you wish to be getting questions that after answering, you will be referred on the blogger's or journalist's blog.

In the image below contains the the area of interest you wish to answer and in return get backlinks.

You can choose niche you wish to be asked questions ❓  on. I will advice to click all of them, because you don't know if questions you can answer on your blogging niche falls in another category. 

You click on submit after that, you might start getting a lit of question immediately, all you need to do is to keep an eye on your email for question update.

Let's proceed so that i will show you how the questions you will be getting will look like and how you will be answering them.

Above, is what the questions will look like on your email.

When you scroll through them and you see what is related to your niche, click on it and you will be prompt to an answer page that looks like this in the image below👇

All you have to do is to fill in your name and email and in the comments section fill in your answer, very easy and straight forward.

 But let me make two thing clear to you.....

✔ make sure your email address should be the address of your website or blog, for example, that way when the blogger reads your content and love it, he will know that the domain is your address and will definitely link back to you because that is what the platform is created for.

✔ make sure you are not to desperate of the blogger to link to you, make sure you write your answer promotional free and simple.

2. Email Outreach

Actually, the first method is a bit stressful but it is worth the time right?(answer in the comment section).

This second method which is the email outreach brought me the most backlinks compared to the first one.

In getting backlinks quickly nowadays, sending out personalised emails to other bloggers in your niche is super super important.

This actually explain itself. Whenever you publish a new post you can go to google search and search for the particular keyword you use.

The result will provide you with list of top blogs ranking on the first page, all you have to do is to open atleast 20 of this posts and use any of this website contact option to contact them. When contain them make sure you don't send spammy short emails like HELLO PLEASE WILL YOU LINK TO ME? you know this can't work, instead you'll have to send personalized email that when this people read it they will be willing to link back to you in no time.

This particular strategy can bring you not only backlinks but also good relationship with other top bloggers.


Building backlinks to your new site or blogs can make you successful in the long term run of your website. It will drive you more traffic as i said, more recognition and more more money.

Don't be lazy to try out the above listed strategy because this works like magic, am speaking from experience, coz my other  blog backlinks  grew in space of 3 months doing this 2 strategy i showed you.

So go out there and keep trying things out, till you get successful.

Finally, we are at the end, if you found this post helpful please make sure you follow us on social media or better still join our email list, we promise not to spam you. Doing that, you will always get update whenever we publish a new post on this blog.

Now i will like to hear from you, drop your comments if you found this post helpful, your comments will make me know what to create content on the next post.

Have a nice day bye!!!


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