how To Get More Sales On Fiverr[5 NINJA TRICKS]

how To Get More Sales On Fiverr[5 NINJA TRICKS]

What's up guys and welcome to my blog, in this post as you can see on the tittle i am gonna show you 5 ninja tricks to skyrocket your fiverr service sales.

Maybe you have a gig on fiverr but you are not getting sales as you see others doing or you are making sales but want to increase by 100% or you are a beginner whose interest is to freelance on fiverr but7 don't how to do that. 

Luckily for you, this post will help you in your fiverr sales increment. This 5 ninja trick am gonna show you will increase your fiverr earnings by 50% and you will be making not less than $2,000 on a monthly basis.

This tutorial is a long one with detail information and screenshots for better understanding.

Before we proceed i want you to do two things for me

✔ Make sure you don't skip any part of this post, you want to follow it step by step.

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Doing the above will keep me encouraged and make me keep dropping valuable contents like the one you are about to read.

With that been said let's dive right in.


Fiverr is an online market place where buyers and sellers meet to either buy or sell services.

On fiverr you only sell or buy  digital skills and this digital skills can be anything from 

✔ logo design
✔ video making
✔ article writing
✔ proifreading
✔ songwritng
✔ graphic deisgn
✔ and much more.......


In this detailed tutorial you will find out just keep reading and i know you will be happy that you  read this at the end.





Majority of you use use fiverr to sell our services but the problem comes in when  you failed to study fiverr algorithm. 

Fiverr spend thousands of dollar in advertisement to make their platform popular and bring in more sellers like me and you and more buyers in the other hand.

Let me tell you one secret no one has tell you. If you drive traffic to fiverr i mean you bring 0-1000 people daily on fiverr even without anyone purchasing your gig,  fiverr will recognize you in no time and that will lead to more sales and make you popular on fiverr

Still haven't gotten the concept?

If fiverr find out that people are always visiting your gig on a daily basis even without buying, fiverr will push your gig to many people.

Now, you will be asking John,  how do i get many people to visit my gig and make fiverr recognize me without having to pass the stress to promote to people who won't buy?

Relax i will show you, keep reading.

There are two strategy you can use to achieve this and don't worry i will show you.

One is a paid method and the other one is a free and easy method.

1. Use Diabolic Traffic Bot

This is a paid software anyways, how it works is that this website send bots to your gig with differnet IP address, which will look as if real people are coming to visit your gig from different countries.

You can sign up for an account here with my referral link at no additional cost to you.

You will just have to pay a monthly fee, after ordering you will be asked to paste your link. In the option to paste your link you will want to paste your fiverr gig link and boooom your services has been completed.

2. Use Addmefast

If after calculating your budget and found out that your money is not enough to order the software, i think you will wanna go for the free method right?

Oh yeah!!!

There is a platform called addmefast, it is a platform where people come to exchange Facebook likes, website visits, Instagram follow and so much boosting stuff.

Above is how your dashboard will look like when you are been logged in.

All you have to do is to head over to addmefast by clicking here, don't worry it is for free.

Immediately after signing up you will be given a sign up bonus of 200 coins.

The way addmefast works is that, When this people follow or take action on a particular stuff, there would be rewarded some amount of coins same also as you, this rewards can then be used to also pay other people who take actions on your request to visit a particular link of your choice.

For example, for people to visit your website or follow you on Facebook you will have to follow others and when you do so, you will be rewarded some coins and you can use this reward to pay  others to visit your website or take a particular action.

Below are what you can exchange on this platform

This are the things you can exchange.

you can still earn coins if you don't do other people request. Another way for you to get more coins to pay people to visit your website is by referring people to sign up on addmefast through your link.

To list your request for people to perform certain actions you will need to post a request, you know your request is to get more people to visit your fiverr gig right?

On the dashboard, click on the option that says ADD  

You will be promoted to the next page where you will have to post your request

You can see how it looks like

* TYPE: here you will be asked what you want people to do, since we are looking to bring more people to visit our gig, we will want to choose WEBSITE HIT.....

* TITTLE: This place will let the people know what exactly there will perform actions on. Since we're looking for more people to visit our fiverr gigs then we will leave the tittle as ⏪Visit my fiverr gig⏪

* URL : This place is where you will put the link to your fiverr gig, that way whenever someone click on the request he will be taken to your fiverr gig.

* CPC: Here is where you will put your desired amount of coins you want to spend per person who visit the gig. I will advice you to leave it at 10-15 because anything below that might not motivated the person to click.

After listing click on submit and boom your request is live and trust me in few hours your coins willl be drained because you will be shocked the way people will be troopping in and clicking your fiverr gig.

So that is that about bringing external traffic to your fiverr gig and like i said you will be recognised by fiverr and before you know it you willl become popular which willl then leave you to more sales and client trooping in.....


Do you know in blogging everyone wants to rank higher in google wjenver someone search something related to what they post? We call that SEO, Same also on fiverr.

If you apply your seo smartly on fiverrr you will be ranking and that will lead to new clients and more sales.

Luckily for you fiverr so is not hard if you know the basis. You must not be a seo guru for you to do rank your fiverr gig.

Below is a full tutorial video on fiverr seo but if you don't want to watch a video, you can continue reading


1. Use keyword in your fiverr title gig

Oh yeah!! You can see in the image below i put in the keyword article writing

in the image you saw many keyword popping up, this shows that people are always searching for it.

If you were to try the first method which is to drive external traffic to your gig then if someone search anything related to your gig fiverr, and you do your seo the right way,  fiverr will rank you.

2. Use keywords in your Description

When creating a gig also know that applying seo on in the description is also very important in fiverr ranking.

For example if your gig is to write articles, you will wanna put like 1-5 keyword, that way whenever someone search for it fiverr bot will see your gig and show it to more people.

If you also bring external traffic like i said in the first ninja trick, fiverr will rank your gig in no time after applying seo and this will lead you to make more money and more client.


Oh yeah this is very easy and this shouldn't stress you at all.

This is what i mean, whenever someone want to buy something from fiverr sometimes this people are either new or they can't find the particular service to buy  or they don't know the exact person to work with, so fiverr will give this people an option to request any services.

This buyers will list their request to purchase a particular skills.

In every fiverr seller's dashboard, you will be given an option to complete 10 buyers request. This is what i mean, whenever this buyers list their problem, fiverr will bring it to you, it is now left for you to contact them and tell them you can do it.

fiverr only give you opportunity to complete 10 buyer request on a daily basis.

Trust me if you do this buyer's to 10 buyers, atleast 4 willl message you and tell you to do it.

For you to see a buyer's request head over to your dashboard and click more you will see it like in the image below

I have a detailed video on how to make more money on fiverr using this particular buyers request strategy...



Actually this particular strategy is a little bit stressful but is worth the grind.

If you got a fast internet then i don't think this particular trick will be your problem.

On fiverr they are also sellers who purchase some certain services they cannot do, hope you know that?

The reason you are going to contact them is that you want to tell them that you also sell a particular skills that you saw them bought. Trust me even if they don't have any job to be done at the moment, when they have something to be done this people will contact you that is if only you offer a good gig compared to the one they have bought and that way you politely and creatively present your request to work with you.

So what we will be doing is to look for them.

Let's say you run a fiverr gig that is all about article writing, head over to the search bar put in the keyword article writing and boom you will see the results.

Open one of the gig with higher reviews, what we will be doing here is to look for those that are also a seller on fiverr who have actually purchasing the gig you opened.

Immediately you open the gig, scroll down to the review place, now is to contact them. Fiverr isn't like Facebook that you can click the person's username and you will be taken to his profile, instead fiverr just leave it blank but you can still go to person's profile and contact them.

In a gig you can see 100 reviews , this is how the review place look like👇

what you will do is to copy each and everyone that left a review username one after the other after that open a new tab and type Replace username with the name of the person you copied from the review. 

For example lets say i copied an username that is johnsucess123, i will open a new tab and write it like this in the search bar FIVERR.COM/JOHNSUCCESS123.

Doing that will take you to the person's fiverr profile.

You know we are looking for sellers on fiverr who is also purchasing a gig related to ours right?

Also on fiverr people who are buyers are not giving options for people to contact them, that is why we will be contacting a seller.

If you do that and can't find a contact me option in the fiverr profile, know that that person is a total buyer.

But if you do this and found the contact option in the persons profile then that person is a seller.

Seller's Profile Overview

Buyer's Profile Overview

It is hard to find a seller but out of every 30 people you try this strategy on 10 must be a seller. This is a grind guys, atleast make it a daily routine to look for sellers who are purchasing gig related to yours.


What i actually mean here is for you to be creative, they will be a lot of people reading tihs post at the moment and some of them might copy exactly what i do here. I didn't say copying is bad, but make yours to be unique and creative, been creative and smart in a business leads you to more opportunity and success, hope you know that?

Now this is the end, i bet you haven't seen any secret like this any where but i have give it out for free, i think coming here won't be a mistake right?

Please if you get value out of this don't be greedy to leave without a comment, also join me on social media and sign up to my email list for more updates.

Drop your comments in the comments secrion, this will be give me ideas to create more contents.

Watch a video tutorial on this👇


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