How to get 1 million youtube subscribers

how to get 1 million subscribers

Hello guys and welcome to my blog, in this post as you can see on the title, i will show you guys how to grow your youtube subscribers and views from zero to 1 million subscribers.

Actually, this strategy have not only worked for me alone, it has also worked for many people i shared this with back then and people i did it for.

At the end of this post, you will be at the point where you will be getting your first YouTube subscribers without much stress.

I can guarantee you your first or additional 1000 subcribers in the next 7days of you reading and implimenting this strategies.

Before proceeding, my name is John, also an internet marketer like you. You can follow me on telegram to always get updated whenever i publish posts like this.


With that been said lets dive right in....

How Do I Get My YouTube Subscribers?

Actually, thats the reason for you coming here and i promise to give you the best strategy that is working right now in 2022.

1. Publish Great Video Content

This is the first thing you should have in mind if you want to get thousands of subscribers.

You can get a lot of views on youtube and still have zero subscribers😈 bad right? And maybe those views you got, the viewers left with anger.

Oh yeah!!!!!! You wouldn't wanna publish a video you too don't have interest on.

That's why whatever online business you want to start, choosing a niche is the most important, this will make you an expert in the long run of your business.

So therefore, make sure your videos is worth watching and interesting.

2.Drive External Traffic

For you to determine your success on YouTube as a beginner, you must first practice the act of bringing people from outside YouTube who also use YouTube.

They are many place you can use to drive external traffic to your YouTube channel ranging from forums, social media, answer the public and content syndication.

Let me quickly cover the secrets ways to use some this external site to oromote our youtbe channel to mire audience.



Facebook is a social media website where people of difdernet kind are been found. Not only is Facebook a social media site, it is also a video sharing platform.

Facebook boast of over 2.3billion + members to their website every month and tapping subscribers from there is not a bad deal.

Where people fail to get subscribers from Facebook is that they use this platform wrongly.

They are many ways to promote on Facebook effectively but spamming links everywhere is never one of them.

If you run a YouTube channel that talks about how to make money online, you can use Facebook search bar and search for "how to make money online" in few seconds you will be shown many results on that, look for fb groups on your make money online niche and join like 5 of them.

We won't be posting and spamming our links in the group NO, that can lead to your account been banned.

Instead we want to contact the members in this group one after the other and info them on our new videos on our channel.

I know you will be saying it is a  hard strategy, but that is the best way.

 You can set a goal to chat 100 people in every 2 days about your videos.

If you chat 100 people daily, i can guarantee that 89 will click to your video and 50 will subscribe, that is if only you have a great content like i said in the first part.

It is a grind, but it is worth your time.

You can create a Facebook business page on this too but you have to put a lot of work to grow your Facebook page.

2. Using Quora(QA)

We all know quora is one of the largest question and answer site with over 600 million active members monthly.

Quora algorrithm can make your YouTube channel grow overnight because it is very easy to implement.

It is not like Facebook tight algorithm, that frustrate beginner, but keep in mind  that Facebook is the best.

All you have to do is answer questions on quora in your niche and boom see the views and subscribers coming in.

For example, if you run a weight loss channel where you show people how to loss or add weight, you can head over to quora and look for questions around this.

You can use the search bar on quora to find questions to answer in weight loss. All you have to do is put in the keyword "weight loss" in quora search bar and boom in seconds you will see bunch of questions Available for you to answer. Answer this questions by providing value and in some part of your answers, you can put your YouTube videos link you wish to get views and they can watch it directly from quotes.

A question you answer on quora can fetch you 1k views without stress.

2. YouTube Comments

Oh yeah!!!! This is the most easiest of all. Getting your first or more subscribers should be done around YouTube, but getting you started, your views and subscribers should come from different places you promoted it like i mentioned in the second method.

What i mean is that, always comments on other people youribe videos everytime they publish a new video.

This is how to go about it,

Immediately you create a yiutube channel and publish your first  videos, what to do next is to subscribe to other top YouTube channel in your niche, following?

For example, if you are running a YouTube channel that talk about weight loss, you wouldn't wanna subscribe to YouTube channels that talk about gaming, instead you will follow YouTube channels that is focused on weight loss which is your niche.

Follow this YouTube channels and always keep to date when they will drop videos.

When you get a notifications about their first video, head over to their videos comments section and make a cool comment. Drop comments that will lead you to having many likes, you wouldn't wanna just drop your video link on the comments instead make a catchy and interesting comment that will make this people check you out.

Imagine this video you made a comment on got 1000 subscribers, imagine the amount of clicks to your YouTube channel you will get?

This second method works like crazy and it is very fast.

3. YouTube Seo

Oh yes!! Optimizing your YouTube video for seo is super important if you want to get subscribers without doing any of the hard  work.

Another beauty of YouTube is that you can rank your videos on the first page if you do your seo  the right way.

I have a detailed YouTube seo video that have many YouTubers like you, you can equally watch it below.

We have come to the end of this post and if you think i have given you value, you can tell me in the comment section.

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