How To Avoid Been Scammed Online(2022 Updated)

Work, work work, earned and boom you are been ripped of your hard earned money. How does it feels? Heartbreaking right? Oh yeah

What kills a man faster is when he is been scammed his hard earn money. This could be as a result of trusting or listening to  the wrong set of persons.

Scamming online is rapidly growing and it does not seems to stop in the nearest future, but you know what? It can be prevented and avoided.

And luckily for you in this post, i will tell you the most trusted and tested way on how to avoid been scammed online. I have never experience scamming online because am good in avoiding it and i will share my strategy with you.

The internet was made for us make transaction easily without leaving our home but some people are really making it difficult for people to see how easy it is. 

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With that been said let's dive right......

1. Use Escrow Services

If you have ever been scammed online as a result of transaction, the only solution to it is applying the services of an  escrow.

You might be asking, what is  escrow? Escrow simply means making transactions with the help of a trusthworthy middle man. 

For example, Mr A has a website and he wants to sell it because he is need of money at that time and Mr B need a website he wants to purchase because he have the money. Because Mr A and Mr B wants a successful transaction without any form of scam alert or complains, they will employ the services of a middleman who is the escrow. This man will collect both the money and the website and exchange it to Mr A and Mr B, leaving everyone satisfied with the transactions. Escrow is a very good approach to condemn scamming online, it is a good seller's and buyer's protection services. The buyer and seller goes home happily.

2. Reviews

Human believe things when you are been convinced right?

If you are have ever been scammed online as a result of buying things from websites or paying to websites to make money, then the review strategy should help you next time.

They are lot of websites that have successfully scammed the mass because this people fail to make thorough research on what they are putting  money into.

Whatever you want to buy online from a websites or you want  pay to join any website make a good research on that website. 2-3 days of research can saved you from being scammed online.

A simple search on google search engine of that particular website  will bring forth many result and it is left for you to see what people are talking about the website.


3. Make Relationships

Oh yeah, making a very good relationship online will make you never to loose your hard earned money online again.

They are rhings you need to cinsider while making relationship.

Ensure that the person you are related with is a friendly, interacrive and a less busy person. Even if he is too busy, atleast he should be friendly and interactive.

Make sure you guys have mutual understanding in the relationship.

For example, if you were been scammed online as a results of investing in things like cryptocurrency, make sure the person you're relating to is successful in cryptocurrency trading too. That way you can boast of never losing money in crypto but making money.

Another thing to ensure while making relationships online is make research of the person, if he is good or bad. If he has a social profile which am sure he must have, look through all his profile to see how he does things, if you have him credible, move ahead with him but if you don't, please do not talk anything to him that is concerned on your money not to talk of making relationship with him.

Now we have come to the end of this post, if you have found value in this post, please leave a comments in the comments section. If you also have any idea on how to avoid been scammed online please also tell us in the comment section.


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