2 Secret Strategy To Grow your Email list

Hello welcome once again to daily cash alert, here will give you the secret to grow your online businesses.

You may have searched for how do i get more email subscribers or maybe you saw my post somewhere and pick interest, i assure you that after reading this post you will contact me and thank me for putting this out.

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As an online marketer or you have a business online or anything, focusing and growing your email list is super important and essential if you want to make more money in the long run.

Email marketing is just like blogging and YouTubing, but the difference is that you grow your audience by gathering targeted emails.

This seems to be a problem to beginners and even majority of top marketers still need to get more leads to their business but don't know how.

If you are ever paying anyone to grow your email list, i want to tell you to stop except you know what way the person is using. They might get you fake emails or unattractive emails and this can lead to crumbling of your busines, wasting of time and resources.

I want to let you know that in this post, i will reveal 2 unknown strategy no email marketing expert will tell you.
 Whether  you are a busy person you will grow your email list with less stress and in little time, so you will wanna stick with me and read this post to the end.

With that been said let's dive in.....

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For those of you that don't know what email marketing is don't worry i will explain briefly.

EMAIL MARKETING is the act of growing and building emails for your business or companies. This can be done by collecting emails of those interested in your business and saving it in your email subscriber list. 

EMAIL LIST: This is is like a room where emails are been kept for updating users on certain things through an email provider.

EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS : This are those people who submit their emails to you either for collecting updates and other relevant information about your business.

EMAIL PROVIDER: This are softwares that help you to collect, save emails and interact with them without much stress. Some of this provider are mailchimp, sending blues, builderall, convert kit, e.t.c


Now i hope you gotten the basis of email marketing and how it works now like i said am gonna show you the 2 untold strategy to grow your email list 
In less

Let's dive in right in.........

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1. Create Enticing Lead Generation Offer

This is actually very simple, you can create a free book or look around for high quality free ebooks that solves a problem, after that host the free  ebook on a landing page that collect emails before one can download it and then promote that particular landing page. You can use BUILDERALL, CONVERT KIT, MAILCHIMP, SYSTEME for your catching and beautiful landing pages.

You might be asking how do i promote it quickly?

There is a forum called warrior forum this forum has a member gathering of 2million active users and they have a platform where you will be ask to list your product and that platform is called the WSO, Which in full is called warrior forum special offers.

Here you can list your product and in few days you will see the way people will ne trooping in.

On warrior forum special offers you are been giving an option to list your product for to people to buy or you are giving it for free.

You know everyone love free things? Right?

let's say you create an ebook on how to get backinks to your blog, you will want to list the eBook in the WSO.

I will advice you list your ebook on warrior forum special offers for free, if you decide to pit your offer to be a paid one then am 85% sure that no one will like to check out your wso and that will make you not to get any emails.

Since we are looking to get more email subscribers we will list it as a free offer and in no time you will see how people will be tripping in.

John how do i list my wso?

First head over to warrior forum  by clicking here 

After that you will be asked to create an account, go ahead and create the account that suite you, they have a paid membership and free membership, go for the one that suites you.

When you are successfully signed up, on the dashboard click on the option that has the marketplace option and on the drop down you will see the wso(warriorforum special offer)

Click on it and you will be taken to a place where you will list your ebook.

The interface will look like in the image below

Follow the procedure in the video or follow how it is written on warrior forum wso interface.

Where you see tittle, put in the tittle of your wso.

You can see some of the people that list their own are getting thousands if views and am pretty sure that they are getting leads.

You can see that wso got 10,000 views and am sure he woukd have got 5k email targeted subscribers and that is super amazing.

You can watch the video here on how to list your wso on warrior forum below👇

Don't like videos? Keep reading, it is still detailed with pictures.

After listing your email on the wso and clicking submit, you will have to pay $20 for your wso to become  live and when you make that payment and it goes live you will be smiling sheepishly to your email subscribers.

The only way i can guarantee you thiusands of email to your list is if the wso is highly in demand and it is a free listing. Also create 2 or more wso for differnet offers and see the one that convert more.

2. Create A Free Online Tools Or resources that requures sign up

If they wasn't any software online our business wouldn't have been a success but due to the fact many people are creating different software, tools and many other thing, it is making our business a much more easier.

On the other hand, this people creating this stuff, they are really gaining alot when it comes to email marketing.

Alright, i think whenver you want to access a website yourself have to pass through a sign up process and in that sign up process your email is required right? This is the same thing you should be doing.

You can create a simple free online tool or resources that requires you to sign up before acessing the tool  and promote it.

Trust me in few months your email lists will be trippled.

You can create an online website tool like 

✔ Keyword research, keyword explorer and seo software 
✔ link cloaking or shortner like bit.ly and others 
✔ Ai writing tools 
✔ and so much other things that will be helpful to your audience.

Make sure you create an online tool or resources that do not solve user problems but make sure this tools is related to the reason you are growing your email list for.

For example, if you are blogging and you know that you want to grow your audience to promote your blog or website, you wouldn't wanna create an online tool that is not related to what your target aim is.

you might be asking, john how do i create this type of websites when i have zero knowledge of website creation?

Relax i will show you the easiest way

You can hire a freelancer to do this for you and the amazing thing is that this service is a very cheap one.

For you to get a trustworthy and reliable freelancer that can create any of the tools i listed above or anything in your have in mind, i will advice you to head over to fiverr  and sign up.

Signing up with my link here will give you 20% discount on service you purchase.

When you have successful signed up as a buyer, use the search bar to look for a website creator, contact one of the freelancer and chat him up with your request to create the type of website you wish to create.

Make sure you chat them up give them the example of the website that should be created. Also make sure you tell the freelancer that the online tools should have a sign up and login form, to collect emails because that is the main reason we are creating the website.


They are so many ways you can grow your email list Raging from sharing to social media, running ads  but they will take you much time and more money.

This my 2 secret strategy that am sure you haven't read elsewhere can grow your email list in a blink of an eye.

You spend lesser money and lesser time. If you finanly tried out this method you can contact me and thank me, you will even buy me a beer.

So thanks for reading this post to the end, your comments is highly needed, this will make me know what to create content on.

Make sure you follow me on social media and sign up to my email list to always get updated on fresh and helpful contents like the one you just read straight to your email inbox, i promise never to spam you.

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